How Trucking Companies Reduce Risk with Best Practices

by | Oct 6, 2022 | Trucking and Transportation

Crashes account for the greatest risk in the trucking industry in terms of exposure to legal claims and potential financial losses. In addition to litigation fees, other losses related to damaged product and missed deliveries can quickly proliferate. By taking the right steps at the outset to improve your internal processes and instill best practices, you can prevent accidents from occurring in the first place and protect your bottom line.

Thorough Hiring Procedures

Hiring and retaining the best drivers for your fleet can be a major challenge, especially during this time of widespread labor shortages and supply chain disruptions. But when it comes to recruiting and screening new driving talent, cutting corners is not an option. Take the time to develop interviewing protocols, including questionnaires and testing procedures, to make sure you are hiring people who will make safety their highest priority. Doing so will help minimize accidents and put your company in a stronger position if one of your drivers is involved in a crash and your company gets sued. While the US government sets the standard for new driver training, it is a good idea to make every effort to exceed those metrics.

Consistent Training for All Drivers

While it is important to hire drivers you can trust based on their years of experience and verified credentials, it is critical to establish consistent training protocols for every driver in your fleet. Build a codified program that begins with initial driver training, regular reviews, and consistent instruction on policies and procedures. Skilled drivers with regular training are less likely to get into accidents. If you and your drivers have taken every step to secure safety, from maintenance to driver training, it will be much harder to prove your company is liable for accidents.

Build Uniform Processes

Building an iron-clad process around safety and clearly communicating these protocols to everyone in the organization is one of the best ways to protect your trucking company from future lawsuits. If everyone is on the same page and you can provide ample documentation demonstrating your commitment to the highest safety standards, plaintiffs will have a much harder time proving causation.