Experienced Trucking and Transportation Defense

Edlin Gallagher Huie + Blum attorneys have extensive experience in handling all aspects of trucking and transportation matters, including accident investigation, catastrophic personal injury claims, wrongful death claims, environmental concerns, product and manufacturing claims, cargo losses, contribution and indemnity matters, and client hiring issues. We defend motor carriers, construction equipment vehicle owners, trucking and logistics enterprises, and ride-share companies.

Extensive Trial Experience

The firm’s experience includes trying complex trucking and transportation cases. We are knowledgeable on the subject of traumatic brain injury, which often arises in catastrophic casualty matters.

Our extensive trial experience empowers us to quickly analyze key issues in these cases and execute effective discovery plans, putting our clients in a position of strength during mediations or pre-trial settlement conferences. When necessary and consistent with our client’s goals we do not hesitate to take cases to trial, where we have an impressive track record of success. We have obtained dismissals and summary judgments by arguing a lack of foreseeability, or the remoteness of the connection between our client’s activity and the plaintiff’s injury.

Partnering with Experts to Aid Your Case

Using strong working relationships with experts in relevant disciplines we efficiently uncover the key issues to mount a strong defense. We provide our trucking and transportation clients with risk management advice to protect against high-risk exposure. And we know how to work effectively with insurance companies to reduce risk and achieve favorable outcomes in these high-stakes cases.

Discuss Your Options with Our Team

Edlin Gallagher Huie + Blum is ready to address your case. Connect with us online or call us at 628-218-6960. With offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles, we serve clients across California.