Can You Counteract a Design-Related Delay?

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2022 | Construction Law

Many people think of environmental reporting issues or materials delays when construction projects are interrupted. However, among the most expensive obstacles are design mistakes. Designers work closely with architects and contractors to fill the spaces and provide fixtures. Resolving errors that occur during the design phase often leads to an overrun in project costs.

What Does a Design Error Look Like?

Design is such a critical component of a building project since it encompasses furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FFE). Therefore, mistakes that happen during this phase can create cascading problems such as:

  • Furniture or fixtures that don’t fit into the built spaces
  • Inadequate power supply
  • Equipment that is not compliant with safety codes
  • Materials that are not durable enough
  • Inventory that cannot be returned to suppliers

While project teams aspire to identify and remedy potential design problems during the planning stage of the project, this doesn’t always happen.

How Can You Overcome a Design Delay?

Designers have a set of professional performance guidelines that dictate the quality of their work and preparedness for projects. Maintaining their professional credentials requires continuing education and careful focus. These credentials are hard to acquire, and any designer worth her salt should work hard to safeguard them. Start by discussing these issues directly with the design team and be clear about the gravity of the situation.

Taking Aggressive Action to Protect Your Business

If your designer is not cooperating, you have every right to take legal action to recover costs associated with design-related delays. Be sure to work with attorneys who have a high rate of success in resolving construction law and professional liability disputes.