High-Tech Solutions Could Prevent, Resolve Construction Disputes

by | Oct 30, 2020 | Construction Law

The construction industry is one of the oldest in existence. That extensive history affords construction professionals generations of knowledge. However, as valuable as traditional practices are, modern solutions can prove to be just as important.

For example, when it comes to massive, complex developments, conflicts can and do arise. But technological advancements could help prevent or resolve disputes.

Digital Replicas

Walking a job site is a critical part of confirming progress and assessing performance. However, it is not always possible for parties to be on the site, especially in the midst of a global pandemic.

Companies want it to be easier to virtually tour a site in real-time. One company has developed a technology using artificial intelligence and a wearable 360-degree camera that allows the user to create and map plans in a matter of minutes. The tech enables parties to get project updates and resolve disputes efficiently and conveniently.

Digital Communications

Face-to-face conversations happen all the time on a construction site. However, written correspondence is crucial in confirming agreements, documenting expectations, and providing proof of transactions.

Considering how vital written documentation is in the construction industry, companies must be sure to take measures to safeguard their communications. Certain tools can ensure digital communications are accurate and secure, including:

  • Encryption
  • Cloud storage
  • Access restrictions
  • File sharing software

Product Technology

Today, countless product advancements improve everything from surveying land to tracking the age and performance of materials. Various solutions can be as minute as injectable nano-technology and as vast as robotics that enable people to perform remote work from the other side of the world.

Before dismissing high-tech solutions because they may appear too costly or unnecessary, developers, contractors, and construction companies should consider how they can save the most money in the long run.

New developments in technology, specifically AI offers novel ways to address age-old construction problems, from project delays to performance issues. Adopting the right high-tech solutions can help parties avoid costly legal battles, financial losses, and project setbacks.